ltalia Living is a signature of the natural aspiration to relaxation and class, combining it with the innovative spirit and elegance of Made in Italy products. Daughters of an always refined design and of a creative approach to design, the ltalia Living lines stand out for the accuracy of their details and for a re-fined and at the same time contemporary style. Every single project is the result of an idea, based on a need for functionality, comfort, quality and design research as well as a detail, a color, a glimpse of our daily life. A concentration of the best expression of Italian creativity and inven-tiveness, which today promises to redesign the profile of the most sophisticated interior design and furnishings. A sign of time, which lasts beyond time.


“A man who works with his hands, his brain and his heart is an artisan.”

All Italia Living products are made using artisan techniques by skilled hands in every stage of production. What makes our products valuable and resistant over time is the attention paid to details, from the wood to the padding, from the cut to the stitching, up to the final assembly in our laboratories where attentive designers and master craftsmen work daily to develop new models; improving aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Shapes, materials and colours are combined to optimise the products for impeccable quality.